Hey! The past week has sort-of been normal although the weekend was a bit special.

On Saturday I went to the Guy Harvey (that's where I go to my youth clubs) to do some paintin' with some mates, it was good and we got to watch a small bit of X factor cos' there is a T.V. there - YAY =D !! But the unfortunate bit about it was that we got home quite late and the next day was..
Sunday, we went to the town square (after church) , it was quite nerve wrecking cos' there was a lot of people. The puppets that we did was a big hit - the first time we did it was brill' and funny because there was an old disabled woman and she was laughing her head off - she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Me and ma friend were laughing at the back - haha -
On one of the songs that we did I had to do 2 puppets - IT WAS SOOOO HARD - lol - the song was 'Walking on Sunshine' it's a 'well cool' song!
We also did a dance but that wasn't so good cos' although we had done the songs a million times before, me and my friend (the same one as I laughing with) thought that the crowd seemed a bit disappointed. :(
On the second time round it was much better - even the dance - I forgot to mention that on 1 of the dances I was meant to do a flip off a trampet but i was a bit nervous - so i just did an affective jump off it. I also did a worm before it which some people liked and others were like; ' Oh wow.... amazing.... NOT!' - lol!!!
But yer it went well ..
I think Imma gunna gooo nah!! hehe
thanks for reading please leave comments.


Hi! =) Not much been going on since last time I wrote but anyway last week went well as normal.

Although my mate came over on Saturday after I went to his house on Friday for a sleep-over after ma youth group - ;D - But when he came over I was clearing the table (sort of) and we were playing pillow fights in ma mum's livin' room and the last pillow was thrown by my mate but he missed me and the pillow flew across the room hit the mantel piece and - SMASH!!!!! - it knocked my mum's oil burner that she bought her great granddad just before he died :( She was VERY annoyed but I didn't really want to grass ma mate up at that point so ma mum took it all out on me - lol - I said I was really sorry but she wasn't havin' any of it =(
But Friday which was the day before :) was cool, I was in a very huggy mood - lol - A new girl came she was in the same year as me ( yr 8 ) and she was a friend of one of my friends :)
She is an amazing singer though, I mean it's just really good - lol!!!
And Sunday was OK. apart from the fact that at Hydro.G I got shut in the back room which A: It doesn't smell nice and B: It doesn't have a door handle on the inside =s
So basically, I was stuck in there for bout 5 mins until ma mate John came and let me out - lol!!

I think that's it for me this week :) hope you have a good week and plz leave some comments =D

Hello all ma peeps :) - lol - Sorry I havn't been posting blogs over the summer hols and I'm not sure I could type everything that I did all in one - haha - but I'll say what I did last week (wich was the last week of my hols). Well I went back to where I was born - Colchester YAY - I saw all ma old mates, it was brill'!! =D On the first day wich was Thursday we drove there it took nearlly 6 hours - :O aaaaaaaagghh!! Finally we got there and ma mum and dad tried to put the tent up ( oh i forgot to mention we were stayin' at a campsite right by the sea :] ) at one point we were all holding on to the polls that hold our MASSIVE tent up and coz' it was sooo windy it nearlly blew it away taking my sister, Phoebe with it - lol !!!!!

Friday we went to meet all our old friends at a playcentre called 'Go bannanas' that was probs one of the best days, I wanted them to come to the beach wid us when we went on sunday but the couldnt coz' they were packing to go on their holiday :(
Saturday we went to the zoo - yay - it's the best and biggest zoo ever!!
Sunday we went to the beach as said before.
Monday we went swimming - yay - we were going to go on friday with our friends but some of them had to go shopping for costumes - lol - anyway at the pool there are thee massive flumes, they are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Tuesday was the last day :( and we packed down the tent and started driving home but on the way home we went to look at an old paper factory and it is the only working paper mill in England - oooooooooo - It was cool and we got to make our own paper :) and the guid called Hugo taught us some braille because it was the day that 200 years ago Lui Braille was born - oooooooo - lol!!
Yesterday I went to my sunday youth club called Hydro'g. It was funny coz' me and my sort of friend ( she really annoys me - lol) went to meet someone that hadn't been so we went to meet them at the nearest tellephone-box and we waited for ages, even other people came to wait for him.
We waited for about 45 mins and eventually we went back to the building.
and we about to start a game when guess who turn up!
It was the guy we were waitin' for all that time - rofl - we were quite annoyed but it was funny.
That's it from me I'll post a new blog A.S.A.P :)
P.S Huhs all round - HAHA

Hi! It's Friday and I havn't got much to say today - oh that rhymed haha - anyway, today im goin to my youth group called oasis at the Guy Harvey Youth Centre near the barony in Nantwich. It's really quite good there.

I have just had my lunch and I bit my tongue - grrrrrr!!
Yesterday we had some friends over to do a puppet practise for the family fun day at the barony park (I'm so scared, coz' we also have to dance - aaaaagh). The people that came over also had tea with us - they were my friends (random) haha, we then went on the trampoline. It was fun coz' one of them kept fallin' over. TEE HEE!!
I think thats it for today I'll see you all soon.

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