Hey! The past week has sort-of been normal although the weekend was a bit special.

On Saturday I went to the Guy Harvey (that's where I go to my youth clubs) to do some paintin' with some mates, it was good and we got to watch a small bit of X factor cos' there is a T.V. there - YAY =D !! But the unfortunate bit about it was that we got home quite late and the next day was..
Sunday, we went to the town square (after church) , it was quite nerve wrecking cos' there was a lot of people. The puppets that we did was a big hit - the first time we did it was brill' and funny because there was an old disabled woman and she was laughing her head off - she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Me and ma friend were laughing at the back - haha -
On one of the songs that we did I had to do 2 puppets - IT WAS SOOOO HARD - lol - the song was 'Walking on Sunshine' it's a 'well cool' song!
We also did a dance but that wasn't so good cos' although we had done the songs a million times before, me and my friend (the same one as I laughing with) thought that the crowd seemed a bit disappointed. :(
On the second time round it was much better - even the dance - I forgot to mention that on 1 of the dances I was meant to do a flip off a trampet but i was a bit nervous - so i just did an affective jump off it. I also did a worm before it which some people liked and others were like; ' Oh wow.... amazing.... NOT!' - lol!!!
But yer it went well ..
I think Imma gunna gooo nah!! hehe
thanks for reading please leave comments.



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